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Biography and Curriculum Vitae
Vitaly FriedmanVitaly Friedman, was born in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, on the 8th February of 1985. While being 14 years old, I wrote my first article which was published in a weekly Belarussian computer-oriented newspaper in July 1999... bio & cv »
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It's my life
Vitaly Friedman, born: 08.02.1985 Vitaly Friedman, born: 08.02.1985 Aquarius Birthstone Born in February Alchemist AKA ylatiV Maths Lover Physics Lover 50% geek 99% sane 0% religion 50% life enjoying Cinema Lover Romantic Dreamer Music = Life MP3 Diversity Webmaster Web developer: my philosophy Technorati Profile Opera Lover Wikipedia Helper
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Home-Where am I?

Welcome! Why should you stay on this web-site?

Eventually, you are visiting a personal homepage of Vitaly Friedman (hmmm... right, that would be me), a 20 years old bloke from Saarbruecken, Germany. In case this name has striked your ears for the first time (which happens quite often), you might be interested in learning the biography of the author of this web-page. Besides, if you are still curious about my personality, you can get an insight into my personal interests and feelings. You can also get informed about my personal "career" as a freelance web-designer or/and as a journalist visiting sections "Web development" or/and "Journalism". There you can find links to my personal works and articles which I managed to create or write over the last 6 years of my life.

My aim is to provide small companies with premium affordable web design services, presenting information in a readable, accessible and usable way - according to my philosophy.

Web design & web development is a creative work, creative art and a creative experience. And that's why I am doing it.

However, this web-page hasn't been reduced to formal information about its author. Recently I started to put together a list of useful web-design & web-programming tools. The idea was simple: I wanted to list on a one single page the most useful web-sites, which make the life of web-designers easier. If you ask the old uncle Google where you can find useful web-design-instruments he shows an infinite list, whereby "his" links aren't actually that useful. At the same time really helpful pages aren't shown at all...

So browsing through the sections of this page you can also find the list of useful tools & links for web-designers. This list was created with the help of many web-designers and enthusiasts from Germany and United States. This page is actualized 1x a week and I'll appreciate every link coming from your side. Thanks for your help!

What should I click in order to...

If you're visiting this web-page to the first time, you might have some questions about site navigation. So I'd like to provide you with some information in advance.

The image on the top of the page is supposed to symbolize current section of the web-page. On the both sides of this image two navigation menus are placed. The first one enables users to choose the language of the site and take a look at the sitemap. The other one is a navigation menu which makes the browsing through web-site possible. Underneath the header one can notice a text block (well, it's actually what you are reading... ;-) ). While on the right side contact information is presented, on the left side you can find a sub-menu and some links to the web-sites I visit on a regular basis.

23 Apr, 2005

Contact information:
Vitaly Friedman
email alt.:
nickname: vf, aquarius, vit_f
ICQ: 30644656
My life:
thinking: 55%
dreaming: 7%
feeling: 9%
...: 29%
now: I am visiting the 13th grade of the Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium in Saarbruecken, Germany.
then: studying maths and computer science at the university in Saarbruecken.